Aglianico is, no doubt, the most important red grape of Southern Italy.

The wine produced from this ancient grape is structured and long lasting, even after many years.

And with years it improves and changes, turning into a more complex wine.

Aglianico is mainly grown in Campania and Basilicata, in volcanic soils and finds its highest expression in Irpinia, for the production of Aglianico DOC and the renowned aged wine, Taurasi DOCG.

Excellent acidity and great tannins are the main features of Aglianico DOC, a young and fruity wine, with a strong character and intense taste.

Sertura produces Aglianico DOC from pure grape, with a maceration and fermentation at controlled temperature of 22-25 °C averagely for 21 to 25 days.

This makes a wine whose colour is bright and ruby red, with notes of red fruit, enveloping taste, with a mineral and earthy finish.

Perfect to pair to typical products of Irpinia, as mushrooms and truffles and red meat

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