Greco is one of the oldest grapes in Italy, recorded as early as the first century BC, when it was imported – as reported –from the Greek region of Thessaly.

Further references to Greco can be found in a fresco in the ancient city of Pompeii and in the words of Pliny the Elder.

Rugged and durable, Greco is an indigenous variety grown for centuries in Irpinia, that has contributed to give the wine great personality and evident mineral notes, highly expressed in the wine produced from these grapes, whose appellation was upgraded to Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita in 2003.

In compliance with this, Sertura produces this wine from Greco grapes 100%.

The result is a a straw-yellow to golden-yellow wine.

At the nose, there are notes of white peach, flowers and herbs. In the mouth, it is balanced and persistent, with notes of yellow fruit, also tropical, and a delicate almondy finish.

Perfect to pair with white meat and fish based dishes.

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