Sertura is a perfect representation of Irpinia, this word is the union, synthesis, but also a way to speak local in an ever more global world.

Why Sertura? What does “sertura” mean?

This word sounding sharp and energetic, not due to anything in particular, comes from the dialect tradition, typical in Irpinia and it means underwood, spontaneous herbs.

This is a way to express the natural way of growing fruit, by respecting Nature, according to the local surprising vocabulary.

Man must just follow Nature, with care and respect. This is Sertura.

Just as its name, even the logo is a heartfelt tribute to Avellino, strongly desired to strengthen the company’s ties with its territory.

The logo portrays the Clock Tower, main symbol of Avellino. A stylized image, of simple lines that elegantly than return to the roots to launch itself into the future.

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