The quality of wines Sertura comes from the vineyard, as in the vineyards the production of wines starts, intended to be faithful and respectful expression of the land.

And this is even due to the winemaking philosophy: no blend, but just 100% each grape variety, making each wine unique and unmistakable.

Every year the vineyard practices are careful, up to the manual harvest.

Then in the cellar, the winemaking is meant to emphasize the natural character of each grape variety, enhancing character, bouquet, distinctiveness. From the vineyard to the bottle the passion is at the basis of Sertura production, with the ultimate goal to offer people a genuine product and to discover something more of such a charming territory.

This is the basis of winery Sertura’s philosophy, and thus going ahead believing that putting the soul in what you do, is the first step towards the achievement of the best results.

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