Sertura wines are not simple wines, but a collection of deep sensations.

They are the result of deep love for  Irpinia, a well known wine area on a global scale. Green Irpinia, fertile Irpinia, glad Irpinia.

With its valleys, hills, the endless plains, the villages that punctuate this landscape, the folklore that is in every corner. And a timeless love for the land, generous mother, source of excellent foods well known worldwide; welcoming land for those who comes.

A breathtaking and unexpected beauty, such generous and to be discovered, where the wine culture is ancient and rooted. Wine culture passed down through the centuries to reach the highest appellation, DOCG (Greco di Tufo, Fiano di Avellino and Taurasi).

An exceptional terroir, for the production of excellent wines since ever. An ancient history continuously renewed by those who live here.

Semi-volcanic soils, sunny hills, extreme temperature, winds and humidity make wines of Irpinia unique.

The combination with the innate passion of local people strengthen the richness of the wines. Sertura wines are all this together: expression of the terroir and a way to spread local culture worldwide.

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