The winery Sertura is the result of a long passionate work and experience as vine grower by Giancarlo Barbieri, willing of contributing to enhance Irpinia, a well known area to him.

With a motivated and young team, the production counts on fine wines as Fiano di Avellino, Greco di Tufo, Taurasi and Aglianico, from grapes grown in his owned four-hectare vineyards, located in the three DOCG areas in Irpinia.

Producing 20,000 bottles per year, the company has grown and improved, year after year, in terms of quantity and quality, well recognized for the pure character of the wines.

Whites and reds widely appreciated for their typical taste, hard but also generous; immediately recognizable for their unique character, from an accurate selection of native grapes, careful winemaking and clever use of wood to give character and enhance the flavors of a product, that made Irpinia one of the main place in the wine world map.

Today Sertura carries with pride and conviction its project for contributing to greater and better knowledge of Irpinia, with the same passion since early harvests, to bring to each table, grapes, heart and soul.

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